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What is the tallest a step can be and still get up in Bimx viewer?

Sometimes you can get stuck and can't move on if a step is too tall. Is there a way to make this work? what are step height limitations?
Todd Oeftger
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Barry Kelly
I am not sure exactly what the step limit is but the space bar will allow you to jump up most steps.

Or of course just turn on fly mode.

Pressing Y or PageUp will turn on fly mode and lift you vertically.
H or PageDown will lower you.
Then move forward over a floor and press F to turn fly mode off and continue on your way.

This is in the desktop viewer, I assume there are similar controls in the mobile app.

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Stress Co_
If you don't want to switch to fly or Jump (as Barry noted), you could always
add a few slabs as steps. Set them to a Glass material (with transmittance set to 100).
i.e., make them invisible.
Marc Corney, Architect
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