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DWG export problem


Hi -

Since we don't do too much output of dwg files to consultants, I freely admit my questions here may be rudimentary.  But any experienced advice would be appreciated.


So just to be clear in what I am asking, as a starting point, our structural consultant is using the following terms:

The actual individual drawing we send him, he calls "Model" space.

The actual layout we send him with the drawings on the Layout Sheet, he calls this Paper Space.


The problem we keep having are as follows:

1.  If we simply send individual drawings as dwg files, we can get the correct layers showing as in Archicad with no un-used layers, and the consultant can turn layers on and off as needed.  We can also set up line colors and types in the translators and they come through pretty well.


2. If we try to send the file as "Paper" space, meaning they get xREF files (individual Archicad drawings) along with the "Paper" space dwg file (Archicad Layout sheet) then we have the following problems that we cant seem to fix with any combinations in the translator dialogue box:


a) The individual xREFs have the correct layer names when viewed in "Model" space and line weights & types look as expected.  However, the xREFs placed in "Paper" space messes with line thickness and types.  Its driving us nuts, why does the xREF file look pretty close to the Archicad original drawing, but the once placed or linked to the "Model" space, the xREFs change their look/character.


I'm guessing we are doing something wrong here, but we just cant figure it out.


See attached files.

1. Model View (xREF)

2. Paper Space (with xREF)


Model View (xREF).png

Paper Space (with xREF).png






Robert Mariani
MARIANI design studio, PLLC
Architecture / Architectural Photography

Mac OSX 11.6
AC 24 / 25


I usually just send / publish the relevant Views as a DWG. This is a lot simpler to open than Layout / Paper space variants, but even then they can be messy to edit. My take is you are doing the recipient a favour sharing the drawings for tracing purposes, if they need to dissect them or up-cycle, then they need to do the work. I also send a PDF of the full drawing with the advice that the PDFs take legal precedence if there is a conflict in information.

Apple iMac macOS Monterey / AC25UKI (most recent builds)

Yes, that is what I settled in on doing, along with the pdf.  I was trying to make the job easier for the consultant, which I typically like to do. But I am wondering why there is an inconsistency between simply publishing the individual file as an xREF versus how it shows up in the layout DWG file.

Robert Mariani
MARIANI design studio, PLLC
Architecture / Architectural Photography

Mac OSX 11.6
AC 24 / 25

Rajesh Patil

I follow the method explained on my You Tube channel, check if it works with you for some reason.

Normally this makes my extracted DWG file lightweight and easy to handle.

Rajesh Patil
AC 09-25 | INT | WIN11 64
Dell Inspiron 7591, Core i9, 9880H 2.30GHz, 16.0GB, NVidia GeForce GTX1650, 4.0GB, SSD Internal 500GB, Dell SSD External 250GB

If you this is from Mstation I believe the setting in the paperspace are set up differently than the model.  Some is Mstation would set everything up differently in each and rely on filters to control appearance.

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