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IFC file usage

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I am a graduate student at Texas A and M university. I am doing research on usage of IFC for integrating BIM models using non native 3 D software's. I wanted to use one such project where an IFC file is used with an non native 3 d software as a case study for my research. I would appreciate if anyone could be a part of this study.

Erika Epstein
Please do not PM when you have also posted a general request.
Also, include your
-full name
-elaborate on what you are asking of us
-more information on what you are studying so we can better understand what you are studying.
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"Implementing Successful Building Information Modeling"

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By non native BIM software I meant using an IFC created through a project in say Archicad and then using it with Revit or any other BIM software. In a construction scenario, if a sub contractor is working on Tekla for structure designing and then export it as a IFC file to be used by a GC who uses Revit.Please let me know if you need any further information. I wanted to see if any company done something like this and if they are willing to provide me their project for my case study. The project details can be kept anonymous if asked for.

Thank you

Shailendra Jondhale

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You should have a look at this thread:
ArchiCAD-Talk Forum Index >>> Data Exchange and Information Sharing >>> ArchiCAD-Tekla Structures Interoperability Guide

There are links there to other sites & tutorials that address interoperability issues. There are a couple of other threads on this site that may relate to your project as well.
Interoperability is a huge subject and in vogue right now. I am very certain that you can find structural engineers, architects and constructors who have done exactly what you are studying.
You will find most of the discussions assume Revit to be the BIM authoring tool, and Windows to be the OS. I find this exasperating, but have learned to control my rage. That is just how it is.

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