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In a project that we delivered as-built documentation over a year ago, the owner has now discovered that the contractor had a clause in the adminstrative specifications whereby they should deliver PLT-format as well as dwg and pdf. We haven't delivered PLTfor many years but they insist on this now. Converting from pdf does not give a good result. Is there an easy way to export directly from archicad or do I have to export the layouts to dwg and then export PLT from autocad?
Cheers, Kristen
Kristen Broberg
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Marc H
I would also ask if the PLT format will actually provide value to the owner. Long ago, owners did not know what formats would be of use and so asked for everything. The idea behind PLTs is they did not require ACAD to view the sheets and they acted as reproducibles for paper prints. But most files (esp PLTs) just ended up on old CDs in a drawer; completely unusable to most owners and now generally obsolete. PDFs are now the preferred format for scaleable read-only electronic books and there are many DWG viewers. No one wants paper files to house, especially with Bluebeam and the like. I believe most owners are now moving to BIM model files (for a number of reasons), DWGs (for easy import into 2D CAFM systems), and PDFs (for reference viewing).

If they are a private owner, they may be more interested in your model file in lieu of the PLTs. Or a finely prepared PDF book (with bookmarks). Just a thought.
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Barry Kelly
I agree with Marc H.
PLT files are just a way of printing (plotting) a file without needing the authoring software to do it.
Just the same as a PDF.

Archicad can certainly plot to a plotter (although I doubt there are many true plotters around now - most will be large format printers.

I see when you go to PLOT a file, there is an option for 'File'.
This will create the PLT file.
You can set the Publisher up to PLOT the files as well.


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Thank you Mark and Barry,

I agree with you entirely. I believe they just want it because it says they should have it, but they don't really know what they are asking for. I have sent the contractor back to see if it is absolutely necessary because we have already delivered pdf of the drawings as well as dwg.
Kristen Broberg
AC 23 SWE Full on Windows 10 Pro
HP Zbook 15 G6 32GB
i7-9850H 2,6GHz
Quadro M2200 2GB

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