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2D plan preview in schedules of custom GDL objects

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I am playing with the AC-GS connection and i have a tower covered with a simple triangular custom GDL object which has the right floorplan view settings.
I am trying to get a schedule and i would like to have the 2d planar projections of the object but it doesn`t work.

Can someone tell me how it can be done? I am also interested if i can enable annotations with basic dimensions in the 2d preview column
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If i use Outlines or Overhead mode, then i do get 2d Plan Previews.
Is there a way i can get it while using Projected mode?
How can i get views that are erpendicular to each object face to see its true size?
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After a few tweaks i am getting both the floorplan cutplane view and the real size planar view for some of the panels...
I have also found another issue that when i click on Annotation, the 2d symbol window is opening just for a fraction of a second, it flashes a few times and then it gets me back to the schedule window. Is it a known problem?
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