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Save as DWG: You can save a project view or layout from ARCHICAD to DXF and DWG formats. To save only one part of the view, use the Marquee to delimit the project and select Save As command.

When Save Plan dialog is displayed, choose DXF or DWG format. The Translator field in the Save dialog box lists the available translators. If you don’t know which default translator to use, choose Settings to open the DXF/DWG Translation Setup dialog. Each default translator listed at the top is briefly described in the Description field.

Publish DWG: The DWG format is available in the Navigator Publisher. Apply this to individual files or assign it to all the contents of a folder by selecting the folder, then choosing DWG from the Format pop-up list. If all the items in a folder are Layouts, and if the entire folder is set to DWG format, an additional checkbox appears: Merge to one DWG file. If you use this option:
  • The resulting DWG file will contain as many Paper Spaces as the number of Layouts that have been used as Publisher Set items. Thus, an entire Layout Book’s contents can be saved in a single DWG file.
  • The resulting DWG file is in Paper Space, and the same translation options apply for all published Layouts.
TIP: Use Smart Merge (round-trip conversion) if you are merging the DXF or DWG file back into the same ARCHICAD file from which you saved it, because it can be exchanged the additional information with minimal loss and interference. See also Smart Merge for more details.


- If you recognize that files saved from ARCHICAD to DWG or DWF are unusually large, probably it contains Materials, Symbol Fills (e.g. gravel fill), Symbol Lines (thick dashed lines) that are exploded to thousands of small lines in AutoCAD.

- If you are working in AutoCAD and open a DWG that was originally saved from ARCHICAD, an Alert may appear. However, you should go ahead and work with the saved DWG in AutoCAD - no stability problems should result. Read more: AutoCAD alert with DWG written by ARCHICAD

DXF-DWG Translation


How DWG data is imported by ARCHICAD depends on the settings used in the DXF/DWG Translator; this dialog box defines how elements in ARCHICAD will be interpreted when importing DXF/DWG files.
Depending on how the Translator is opened, not all settings will be available. For example, if the dialog box is opened during Save as operation, only the Save Options will be listed, but not the Open Options. If the dialog box is opened from the File>File Special menu then all options are listed.

Further details about DXF-DWG Translator Export Settings



Can anybody please tell me what the DWG file import and export limitations are in Archicad SE 2022 or you cannot do it at all period ?


The comparison chart is not completely available in English for comparing AC25 with ACSE 2022.


I saw the chart in German but I can’t read that one.


Thank you.


Edit: I found the link but this only compares AC24 with ACSE 2021 an older.


The limitations are just a bit too many for me at present.


I would need a photo realistic & sketch render tool to be included to be satisfied with SE2022 at least. 


I would prefer all the power of AC full element creation, curtain wall tool inc etc.


I could go without teamwork and many other collaboration fields that are not applicable in a small firm.


I think ACSE is still a bit thin even for a small firm or a sole operator to be truly useful.


Please update your comparison matrix to include SE2022 with AC25 for now.







let me join the topic.

Is it possible to publish a Folder of DWGs in a way they are somehow aligned in the workspace?

I for example publish all the layouts into one dwg file.

But when opening exported DWG back in Archicad or any other DWG software/viewver, the layouts are all around the workspace:


Is there any way that the publisher exports and aligns dwgs together?

Rubia Torres

Hi @mthd,

We have an updated comparison matrix between Archicad Start Edition 2022 and Archicad 25 available hereNew versions can be checked on demand in this article.

Rubia Torres

Hi @ananas,

Can you please enter your question in the dedicated forum? You have increased chances of getting help there.

Comments are currently disabled in articles. Learn more about recent changes in the platform here. Thanks for your understanding.

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