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Anchoring MEP pipes to slabs and walls

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I would appreciate if anyone can point me correctly to where I can find an object to jang a pipe below the floor and/or along walls.

Let me explain:

I am using the MEP modeller for placing cold, hot and waste water pipes. I have done that, but in 3D they just "float" in mid air. I need to anchor these pipes below the slab (horizontal) or along a wall (vertical). In the real world this is achieved by a connector that is basically a long rod terminating in a ring. The ring part goes around the pipe while the long part is drilled into the slab/wall. These attachments are placed at regular intervals and anchor the pipes to the structure.

Is there such an object available for Archicad?

Many thanks.

Erika Epstein
There isn't one in the standard library but you could make one
- custom gdl part
-using the column tool for the vertical member and thin slice of a tube from the Special Construction section of the Archicad Library.
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Is modeling the actual anchors going to give you what you need? One way to specify locations might be with an abstract version of an anchor. Another might be to indicate it on drawings as a defined point with a label and export the whole thing to a laser locator on the job site.

Constructor uses a GDL object that is interpreted by a Trimble unit to accurately locate the anchor position on the wall or the slab underside. The

Here's a webinar that illustrates the process:

You might ask the VICO rep in your part of the world about this object and its availability to an ArchiCAD user.
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Thanks Erika and Aaron. I have located the object "Pipe_Support_Cyclic" in ACE library. Thiis is exactly what I needed, though it will only work for supporting horizontal pipes below slabs.

I think I will have to use Erika's suggestions for supporting vertical pipes along a wall surface.

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