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Annotated Fills in the Window Schedule Disappear

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Hi there,

For some reason, when I annotate a window in the window schedule view and place a drafting fill - vectorial Hatch, and then click OK to save the changes it disappears or isn't visible in the window schedule view or layout sheet.

I have checked the Model View Option assigned to the view and the override fill display is inactive for drafting fills and cover fills.

If I change the vectorial fill to a solid fill it appears, so something is going on with the vectorial fills.

See screenshots attached.

Any suggestions?

Much appreciated.

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I have noticed this also

Erika Epstein
The annotation of the window/door schedules is limited to dimensions.
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You can use most of the 2D tools (text, fills, line work, leaders) to embellish the scheduled elements. Dimensions and the elevations / plans are the only elements that are generated automatically.

Problem is that vectorial fills do not show even though they are visible when you edit an item.


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Erika and sboyturner,

As sboyturner mentioned you can use fills when annotating an individual window/door.
But I have attached another screenshot example of another project file where a vectorial hatch is used and it appears fine in the schedule and layout.



Barry Kelly
movens wrote:
But I have attached another screenshot example of another project file where a vectorial hatch is used and it appears fine in the schedule and layout.

You will probably find that the fills you can not see are set to "Scale with Plan" in the fill settings.

The ones you can see will be set to "Scale independent".

I still don't understand it and think it is a bug as your window schedule does have a scale and the 'scale with plan' fills do show in the schedule annotation and the schedule itself - just not on the layout.

The other option that affects the visibility of the fills is the 'Override fill background colour' in Model View Options.
I use this so I don't see coloured windows and doors in the schedule.
This will affect what you see in the actual schedule itself.

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It is a known bug in the interactive schedule (on layout it works well).
GSHQ has a registered bug in the system: Fill in schedule preview cell inconsistency

it was set to fix in the "Future release".


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Looks like I've just experienced the same thing.
I've annotated a few doors and windows in my schedule, beautiful! It was working fine and I've put them in my layout (see attachment page 1). Now, few months later, I go to the schedule and everything was gone: fills and text!

...after reading the last post here I guess I've wasted my time and now I'll have to do them all again.. I guess in the layout?! ..Am I right? Doh! >.<

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