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ArchiCAD on OS X Yosemite 10.10

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Hi Guys

ArchiCAD crashes all the time on OS X Yosemite 10.10.

When is ArchiCAD 18 being released which will be more stable Yosemite.

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I'm running OS 10.10 with SE 2013.
Several of the objects in the library do not allow the object settings dialog box.

If I select an object like multi-style sink, the dialog box closes. If I select a multi-style sink already in the file, I can open the dialog box.

Anyone else have issues like this? Also happens to some doors and windows, etc...

Any fixes / ideas?
Ben Cohen
I have encountered serious issues with v16 and v18 under Yosemite.

ArchiCAD 16
Dialog boxes are closing with no apparent reason. Just changing pages in the UI of an object will generally close the object completely. Do this enough and it will freeze ArchiCAD. Also the GDL editor UI preview window is not working

ArchiCAD 18
Dialog boxes appear OK, but extremely strange stuff happening with zones. I have objects that read zone names, and change when the zone changes. In Yosemite, the zone names in the object will not update - ever. God knows what other issues will pop up with proper testing

I hope there is a fix for the v16 issues, because we still use version 16.

Even though its shiny and new, I would not recommended any ArchiCAD user upgrade to Yosemite at the moment.

BTW I have had no issues with other software in Yosemite - just ArchiCAD
Ben Cohen
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Archicad (Latest Version) aus
Karl Ottenstein
Disturbing to read your post, Ben. I, too, feel that 16 is essential - as it is the last release before Building Materials were introduced and is thus important for working with old projects and/or migrating.

The GS policy is that only 17 and 18 will be made Yosemite compatible, yet the AC 10 file converter is supposed to be (have you tested it?). Hopefully, they can make an exception to address the issues you've seen in 16.

Guess I'll plan on not upgrading to Yosemite until I make a bootable Mavericks partition...

Thanks to all for your posts... look forward to reading more as I cautiously delay updating to 10.10...
One of the forum moderators
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Just following up on Ben's post regarding ZONES. I have a project that migrated from v17 to v18 (UK) in which the zones are unable to determine their boundaries. If I create new walls they work but I cannot update or replace any of the zones within the original structure. The key point though is I'm still on Mavericks!

It's always going to be tricky to point the finger when AC and Yosemite are both relatively new. I would love to upgrade so I have the full Apple eco system up and running but I'm going to hold off at least until GS say it's ok.

FIXED: I started to update my model's renovation status to new from existing. Zones are apparently sensitive to walls with different renovation status. Once I changed the zone status to new things started working again.
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Dennis Lee
Don't know if anyone else is having same problems, but mine crashes a LOT, most of the time during coordinate input and measurement, when I use the keyboard shortcut "M" for measurement, and "D" to get into the coordinate pop up to change the distance.
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I have the font problem with Yosemite. The font in setting dialogue and tacker become super small. It's really difficult to read. Does anyone have the same problem? The thing is I'm using English (UK) as system primary language and once I switch it into Thai the problem seems gone. Is there anyway I can set the font bigger when I using English?
Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 23.09.56.jpg
OSX 10.10
Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin
I guess you are not aware that Graphisoft does not recommend upgrading to Yosemite yet:
GRAPHISOFT strongly recommends to hold off migration to OS X 10.10 Yosemite until further notice.
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Csaba Kezer
Hey All,

As laszlonagy said, migrating to 10.10 is not recommended just yet.

SFarchitect, Ben Cohen, Karl Ottenstein:
The settings dialog closing unexpectedly is only an issue in AC 16 and older - these versions are not supported with OS X 10.10:

We have started to inspect Ben's issue with the Zones in v18 and it appears to be platform independent, so this is not related to Yosemite but to his objects. This is still under investigation

Dennis Lee
I can't seem to replicate this on OS X 10.10.
Please give me some more info abut this (in pm):
- is this happening only on Yosemite?
- is it file specific?
- do you get a bug ID after the crash?

This issue hasn't appeared before either and I can't reproduce it on my machine with 10.10. We will try to check what can cause this phenomenon and will get back to you.

Best regards,
Csaba Kézér
Director, Global Customer Support
Thx a lot laszlonagy & Csaba

here it my XReadCfg setting. Not sure of it help.

! Cross platform conversion config file specifications
! ====================================================

! Used only on Windows. If specified then all Mac strings having no fontname (for example the library
! part file names) will be converted with this conversion table. Otherwise the (Windows) system default
! conversion table is used.

! Used only on Macintosh. If specified then all Windows strings having no fontname (for example the library
! part file names) will be converted with this conversion table. Otherwise the (Mac) system default
! conversion table is used.

! FONTPAIR = "WinFontName", wCharSet, "MacFontName", mScript, convTable
! Used on both Windows and Mac platforms. It specifies the fontname exchange. Windows charset and macintosh
! script code should be set properly for conversion.

! Available conversion table IDs
! ------------------------------

! 0 = Western European
! 1 = Japanese
! 2 = Traditional Chinese
! 3 = Korean
! 4 = Arabic
! 5 = Hebrew
! 6 = Greek
! 7 = Russian
! 21 = Thai
! 25 = Simplified Chinese
! 29 = Central European

! Available character sets on Windows and Macintosh platforms
! -----------------------------------------------------------
! 0 = Western European (ANSI_CHARSET)
! 128 = Japanese (SHIFTJIS_CHARSET)
! 129 = Korean (HANGEUL_CHARSET)
! 134 = Chinese [PRC, Singapore] (GB2312_CHARSET)
! 136 = Chinese [Taiwan, Hong Kong] (CHINESEBIG5_CHARSET)
! 177 = Hebrew (HEBREW_CHARSET)
! 178 = Arabic (ARABIC_CHARSET)
! 161 = Greek (GREEK_CHARSET)
! 162 = Turkish (TURKISH_CHARSET)
! 222 = Thai (THAI_CHARSET)
! 238 = Eastern European (EASTEUROPE_CHARSET)
! 204 = Russian (RUSSIAN_CHARSET)




FONTPAIR = "Arial", 0, "Helvetica", 0 0
FONTPAIR = "Times New Roman", 0, "Times", 0 0
FONTPAIR = "Courier New", 0, "Courier", 0 0
FONTPAIR = "Lucida Console", 0, "Monaco", 0 0
FONTPAIR = "Verdana", 0, "Geneva", 0 0

FONTPAIR = "Arial", 161, "™˘ÛÙ‹Ì·ÙÔ˜", 0 6 ! Systematos
FONTPAIR = "Lucida Console", 161, "ª‹ ·Ó·ÏÔÁÈ΋", 0 6 ! Me analogike
FONTPAIR = "Impact", 161, "ªÔÓÙ€ÚÓ·", 0 6 ! Monterna

FONTPAIR = "Lucida Console", 204, "Pryamoy Prop", 204 7
FONTPAIR = "Courier New", 204, "Pryamoy", 204 7

FONTPAIR = "Arial Narrow", 238, "Geneva CE", 238 29

OSX 10.10
I'll add one to the list...

I can CREATE BimX's with AC17 on Yosemite... but I can't view them (crashes BimX)...

Others can read the same BimX's on Windoze....

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