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Architerra 3 contour lines problem

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Hello, I will explain my issue at archicad 17 with architerra 3:

I create a terrain model of my site from a dxf file which contains contour lines.

​​When I import the dxf file I tick the second box with the constrains. I make the outline and I create the terrain. The model is excellent and I can see the architerra contour lines of the new model.

Then I create a plateau. In the 3d view everything goes perfectly but at the 2d view I can still see the original terrain's contour lines, no matter how many times I rebuild my terrain model, but I want the NEW ONES. I want the contour lines of my new situation with the plateau.

When I try to do this with the "contour line" tool of architerra, the new situation's lines are created but with the old ones in top....all the contour lines are at the same "at3_contour" object. I have even tried to make the original contour lines white, but they stay at the top of the new situation's contour lines. Furthermore at the 3d view the model becomes extremely heavy and after the 3d orbit of the terrain I have a 10'' freeze before I can select anything of do another action.

I tried to bypass the creation of the original contour lines, by creating a terrain from my dxf file without the constrains but the model is wrong in many spots (some contour lines are zig/zag are not smooth). Then I apllied the architerra's contour line tool and I have the appearence that I need with the same issues of performance on 3d view. But I can't go with this solution because the topographical data of the model are not correct.

Another problem that I had before was that I deleted the plateau, I rebuilt the model, in 2d view the plateau went away, but some leftovers stayed and in 3d the plateau was still there....I could not find it anywhere and I had to created my original terrain again.

​In the 2d view, the leftovers dissappeared only when I erased the at3_contour object, but again the 3d plateau stays there
Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin
You could try to convert your site to a Morph element.
Then you can manipulate that more easily. Also you can set and edge of a Morph to hidden to not interfere in 2D.
Also, you could cut the body of the plateau from the body of the site Morph so there are no overlapping geometries in 3D.
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