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Autocad question (AC conversion)

Rick Thompson
I send out CAD files of plans fairly regularly, and for the most part have no complaints. Every now and then someone says they need the sheet (title block stuff) too. Well, I can open the DXF sheet up, and while in AC it opens up to just the drawings, if I go to the layout book, it is all there. About all I can tell them, is that is is all there, and I don't know squat about Autocad so can't tell them what button to push.

Anyone know what I can tell them to simplify their life?

This is what I get from them... "The architect who is working on them was looking for the sheet layouts that match the vellums in the cad files and didn't see them. Can I get these from you so we can print them without having to recreate them?"

Rick Thompson
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Eduardo Rolon
One option
Autocad has "2" spaces, Model and Paper it might be that your client is not looking at the Layout but the model view. This refers to the "Save layout" option on AC's publish settings.

It is the same answer you would give someone using AC, you ask them if they are in layout view. If not export from AC using the "Model" option.

The mistake might be that you are assuming that "they" know how to used Autocad…
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