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BIMmTool for Point Clouds


The Graphisoft France (the former Advent) has a powerful add-on named BIMmTool. It can help maximize the workflow with the point clouds in ArchiCAD:


You can download it from here. I would like to see it available on the too to avoid losing it like we lost Twinmotion in the past.

Martin Luther Jules
AC 10-26 (Full)
Asus | 64 GB RAM | Windows 11

Hi Mjules,

It is already there.... 

AC16 -> AC aktuell
WIN 10 & Mac Studio Ventura

Is this free for SSA or Forward users? 

Botonis Botonakis
Civil Engineer, Enviromental Design MSc., BIM Manager for BS ArhitectsVR
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There should be some subscription plans. I just contacted the Graphisoft local partner about that. You can try reaching out yours too regarding that. I find this add-on interesting!

Martin Luther Jules
AC 10-26 (Full)
Asus | 64 GB RAM | Windows 11

Hi Martin,

Thanks for sharing this German wonderful tool here's their website :


kindly if you edit this word in the title of the post from print to point for further benefit, Thanks.

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Hi Botonis,

This will be a partially  license needed Add On. I've found this on the Download page (Translated from German):

"BIMmTool Navigator runs on any compatible Archicad without a licence. For modelling with BIMmTool Connect or BIMmTool Pro you need a licence"

AC16 -> AC aktuell
WIN 10 & Mac Studio Ventura

Thank you back, Mahmoud!

Martin Luther Jules
AC 10-26 (Full)
Asus | 64 GB RAM | Windows 11

I work on pointclouds almost everyday, i think that archicad itself can do the job quickly, in the videos, bimmtool looks loke it makes your life easy, but when it comes to real life,  you'll waste time dixing inappropriate model interpretation, misplaces objects, updating sections from bimmtools to archicad, checking verticality with tons of plan sections,

In archicad, you can work locally by zone selection,  3d filters and cutting planes, to make model interpretation easy.

Archicad need to hadle point louds better, if the p c is bigger than 4 GB, archicad should automatically split it into pieces as needed,  

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Barry Kelly

So, if you know where to look on the main Graphisoft website, you can find it.


But why is it not in ...

with all the other partner add-ons?

Keep all the add-ons in one place please.



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It depends on the point cloud size and the kind of the work to achieve. I guess this add-on can help both in architectural and urban design fields. We can model in detail lots of historic or heritage buildings much quickly.

Martin Luther Jules
AC 10-26 (Full)
Asus | 64 GB RAM | Windows 11

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