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DDScad 17 Map DWG/DXF object to intelligent DDS-CAD objects



there is this option to Map DWG/DXF object to intelligent DDS-CAD objects.

I did everything according to this The_DDS-CAD_technical_telegram_-_Issue_9.pdf

However the new objects are still not visible after "Apply changes made in
symbol mapping”


What did I do wrong?

Please help!

Thank you!

p.s. The goel is to import a DWG. what was exported from DDScad. But we cannot get the original DDScad folder, because the company refuses to give it to us. But with a DWG work is limited in DDScad.

There is this option to read the blocks of AutoCAD (what DDScad made), as DDScad objects, but still it doesn't work.

I would be satisfied with any solution what enables our partners to send us data, what we can easily use in DDScad without sending their whole Project folder.

Karl Ottenstein

Hello @Meernoek 


All of these forums are for Archicad.  Some time in the future, there is likely to be one for DDScad, but there is none at the moment.  Sadly, in searching, I could not find any other platform that hosts discussions of DDScad, but if you know of one, that would be the place to ask this question.


This collaboration forum is the closest thing we have here... but it would be for topics related to Archicad data exchange with DDScad ... not issues with DDScad itself.


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Gertjan Laurenssen

Hello @Meernoek, again thank you for your question. I will try to help you with your DDScad question.


The Netherlands and International markets for DDScad are supported by Graphisoft Building Systems located in our office located in Utrecht (the Netherlands). I can see you are using DDScad in the German language, our support team in Germany is also available for you "im Deutsche Sprache". You can get in contact with us by phone +31 30 341 00 70 (Dutch, English and German language) or connect to the German team phone +49 2593 82 49 0 (German and English language). Of course our e-mail or is available.


Hope to see your reaction in this posting or to get personal connect by phone in person from the Utrecht (NL) office.

Many regards Gertjan | GSBS - Utrecht (NL).


Thank you very much for the answer.

I have called the German Support once, but they said, that our support period (1 year) is over.

And we need to buy version 18 (we have 17) in order to have 1 year support again.

Is this true?

Thank you!



Hello @Meernoek 

I am very happy to talk to you about problems with the DDS-CAD software because I have constant problems with it. Write to me, it will be nice to exchange observations.