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I have had a decent look through the forum, so I hope I am not being redundant...
I am having a problem saving DWG's from a file which has two hotlinked files imported only into the layouts (I know, messy, but I just started on this project, and it was already set up). The engineers keep telling us they cannot edit the dwg's to set up their own drawings. I don't have this problem with files which aren't hotlinked. I've sent the Eng. 5 dwgs using differnt translators, trying some of my own. When I open the dwg from AC, the most editable I can get, is each hotlinked dwg plan is on their own layer, and the title block is on its own layer, but none of the layers specified in the actual files are there, so the Eng can't effectively turn off unwanted layers on his end. I was just wondering if there is a solution, or if anyone else has come across this problem before?

Thomas Holm
I assume you're on 11.

As someone else noted, don'tunderestimate the Help file! It's all there.

You should Save the Layout as DWG with this translator setting Save Option:
Paper Space with Full Drawing Content
Place Drawing Into:
- Linked XREF drawings.

BUT: read this from the Help file:
"Note: Drawings will be placed in model space only if their source file is an ArchiCAD model view (e.g. floor plan, section, detail) and its Drawing status (in ArchiCAD Drawing Manager) is “OK” before the Save takes place. Drawings with status other than “OK” will be placed in paper space as flattened drawings. To obtain editable output, always update any outdated Drawings before saving or publishing the file."

So you might still have to create views with those hotlinked files and place the views on the layouts instead of the Hotlinks directly.
AC4.1-AC26SWE; MacOS13.5.1; MP5,1+MBP16,1

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Yeah, I have read and re-read it all for the past week. I also get anoyed when people ask dumb questions and don't look to the help, but I can't get around it, I've tried it all. Thanks anyhow.

Thomas Holm
Well, I wasn't annoyed this time. Sorry if that was the impression I gave. (Last time I made a fool of myself though )

I posted because the issue interests me. I hope you get to solve your problem. If you do, please post back!
AC4.1-AC26SWE; MacOS13.5.1; MP5,1+MBP16,1

Ben Odonnell
It's a bug that was suppose to be fixed but isn't. Same problem in 11. The problem is, if you have external views linked to a layout, check your drawing manger, it should say that all of the links are ok. If not do an update, now we are right to go. Publish to DWG, as soon as you hit the publish button, or save out to DWG, the drawing status will change to "Modified" thus causing all of the external views to be flattedned drawings, this intern creates blocks in AutoCAD.

It is an extremely frustrating bug.

Ben O'Donnell
Architect and CTO at BIMobject®
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Thanks! It sure is frustrating! But at least I know now, and won't bother ripping out all my hair

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