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Door Schedule layer dependent...

If I understand correctly since doors&windows do not have layer association it's impossible to have a Door Schedule that lists only doors that belong to walls that are on specific layers.

I'm correct?
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Wall layer can be taken into account in door & window schemes. See pic.

Yes, but does it effect the doors schedule?
Mac OSX 10.15.7 | AC 26 INT 3001 FULL

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Yes of course. A door's layer is associated to its wall's layer.

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Does anyone know how to select the desired layer combo for a door schedule. I thought when I created the schedule it would use the currently active layer combo, but when I clicked on the view it gave me a completely different combo. Also, the layer combo option is grayed out in the view so I cannot retroactively change it. Uggh!

Karl Ottenstein
The combo isn't used by the schedule. It's a weird artifact that the active combo (if any) is saved with a view and is then uneditable. You can open the view, change the combo and then just redefine the view.
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Ahhh. Now I see it. There is a button in the top left corner of the view that reads "Get Current Window's Settings". I missed that. Now it works.

Having the correct combo on makes a difference when trying to edit lines in the schedule. Locked layers are not editable.


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