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EXPORT TO IFC - Archicad Elements not exporting.


I am working with another Architect who is using REVIT.


I am trying to export and IFC file for them to review my part of the work, however, the only items that are exporting to IFC are the original IFC elements that were provided to me.


Please see attached screenshot.


I have tried editing the translators and I have been following youtube tutorials without any luck.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Screen Shot 2023-08-23 at 10.31.33 am.png


There are a couple of things I would check:


  • Have you set up an export view with the information that you want to send to the other architect?
    • I would turn off the IFC-file that you have recieved as there is no need to have it visible in your export view.
    • Have you set the export view up in a PublisherSet so that you can repeat the same export with the same settings?
  • What BuildingMaterials are you using for your part of the project?
    • Make sure all BM:s are set to participate in Collision Detection as the translator can filter out those.
  • Are your Classifications right?
    • Are they mapped to the right IFC-entity in order to produce a working export?
  • RenovationStatus - is this interfering?


There are of course many other things to check but this is a start.

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