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Enhancements to Revit and Solibri Collaboration

Tergel Bayarsaikhan
Graphisoft Alumni
Graphisoft Alumni

Native RFA and RVT Exchange Improvements

Exchanging Revit file formats is crucial for many architects when collaborating with other disciplines using Autodesk solutions.

Thanks to the – now - built-in Revit file format exchange. It is easier than ever to collaborate with Revit users. This solution was an add-on feature before, and now it is integrated in Archicad for easier file exchange with Revit file formats.

Hotlink RVT models into Archicad with precise geometry and properties. From this version, Archicad can handle the Discipline filter of the selected Revit3D View. RVT models can be exported from Archicad, up to Revit version 2021, moreover, we can import Revit Family (RFA) objects into an Archicad project. In previous versions, families were imported as either Objects, Doors or Windows. This function has been improved so from now on, these can be imported as MEP Equipment as well.


With the RFA and RVT exchange, we can improve the way we collaborate with Revit users. From now on, MEP Equipment can be created from Revit families providing us access to thousands of more library parts to use in Archicad MEP models, which are only available in RFA format. The geometry and the connections are precisely imported. What you see in Revit, is what you get in Archicad.  

Archicad-Solibri Connection add-on

Quality checking round-trip collaboration requires more time and attention when exchanging design information with others. Use the enhanced Archicad-Solibri Connection add-on and save time with instant quality check of your project without exporting and importing the model. 

Solibri Connection Add-on for Archicad has been available for previous versions, and for Archicad 25, it continues to improve.  The connection between Solibri and Archicad is live. The add-on exchanges data with higher efficiency, which significantly boosts export speeds.

Set up checking rules in Solibri during the design, which can save a lot of time, as most of the design errors are filtered upon creating the model. If there is a change in the model, you can easily update by clicking on Update in Solibri. No need to export the whole IFC file again because It will update only those element’s data that has changed.

Import Issues from Solibri, and it is available in Archicad’s Issue Manager. You can also transfer the Selection Basket’s content from Solibri. From Archicad 25, Selection Basket and Viewpoints can be accessed in Archicad.

The communication is much quicker compared to traditional IFC file exchange methods. We can easily transfer the selected elements and even their viewpoints across the two applications.   

Export Building Material Classifications as IFC Classification References

This is an additional feature on the IFC output that complies with local regulation.
When an IFC Material is exported out of a Building Material from Archicad, its Classifications are exported as well.

Learn about all the new collaboration features of Archicad 25:

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