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Export assets (textures) from project

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In order to try and speed up the rendering phase I am looking into how I can use rendering farms like RenderRocket. Since CineRender in AC18 lets you export to Cinema 4D I would expect to be able to render using the service. I don't personally own Cinema 4D so I haven't tried that myself.

RenderRocket lets you upload a *.C4D file and all assets (textures, etc) you use in that project. But AFAIK these assets are built into the ArchiCad project and/or libraries, so when I tried just rendering using the C4D file the render failed with a list of textures missing:
Texture Error: Pine Grain GS.png (Tre-Furu horisontal)
Texture Error: Pine Grain-ogl GS.png (Tre-Furu horisontal)
Texture Error: Medium siding_yellow_a.png (Tre-Bordkledning liggende gul)
Texture Error: Medium siding_yellow.png (Tre-Bordkledning liggende gul)
Texture Error: dark-ceramic-tiles_a.png (Flis-m�rk gr� 25x25)
Texture Error: dark-ceramic-tiles.png (Flis-m�rk gr� 25x25)
Texture Error: Stone 09 GS.png (Stein-Naturstein)
Texture Error: last ned_a.png (Overflate-Stoff gr�bl�)
Texture Error: last ned.png (Overflate-Stoff gr�bl�)
Texture Error: Fabric GS.png (Overflate-Stoff)
Texture Error: b7f136ae9ec4cb6433610673fb32b80a--473-355.png (happy-sailors)
Texture Error: 505b7a840f64db47599da41f1e574093--580-487.png (syd60)
Texture Error: b13a6348c7e080a1a9d87dacebf1187e--1600-734.png (fishskeleton-graphicsfairy009bw)
Texture Error: blue-leather-texture-29.png (Overflate-L�r bl�)
Texture Error: blue-leather-texture-29_a.png (Overflate-L�r bl�)
Texture Error: Screenshot 2015-01-22 16.41.31_a.png (Akustikkvegg)
Texture Error: Screenshot 2015-01-22 16.41.31.png (Akustikkvegg)

Rendering failed: Asset missing
How can I export these assets from ArchiCad? I would guess they are embedded into the AC project file and/or the library file as I cannot find any files on disk that match these file names.
David Maudlin

I looked in the Surface Catalog 18.lcf, and found one of the textures (Fabric GS.jpg [not .png]), so you should try the Extract a Container... command, which unpacks the .lcf file, to be able to get and copy these texture files (I don't think the operating system can search the .lcf files). You should also look in the Embedded Library.

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Thanks for the tips on looking in the containers - I'll look into that tonight.

Sig updated
Hi fatso83,
did you manage to extract the textures? I am facing the same problem. When I extract a container, the lcf turns into a *.gsm and I can not still use it. Any help will be appreciated.
AC25 int, Win10 64bit
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@zgeorgievg: yes and no. as David said, I could find some references in the Catalog files that had the same name (but wrong file extension). as long as the names don't match up, and it's such a pain to see what is added manually and what is in the embedded files, it's a bit too hard.

But yes, I did get to extract the files. It was really easy, so I have no idea why you ended up with gsm files. Try googling "extract catalog archicad" and you should find a guide.

I really wonder why the image files show up as PNG in Cinema 4d files, but JPG in the embedded files ...
I go with File>Libraries and Objects>Extract a Container ... choose ArchiCAD Library.lcf and this is what I get ..the whole library in folders with gsm files. What am I doing wrong?
AC25 int, Win10 64bit
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The various catalogs contain different asset types. I see that you have extracted assets from the furnishings catalog, so the GSM files are probably 3d models. Other catalogs will probably contain other files, like textures for trees, etc.

Someone else should answer this, as I don't have access to AC atm.
Thanks for the remark. After looking closely, I found that there is a separate folder named [TImg] Textures 18 after extracting the Surface Catalog 18.lcf
AC25 int, Win10 64bit
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Do you have a folder called "tex" at the file location where you have your c4d file exported from ArchiCAD?
Normally, you should see this folder next to the c4d file and this folder contains the texture images in PNG format.

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