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Exporting DWGs, then drawings move

Gerry Leonor

both screenshots below are from an exported DWG file from AC25.



the first one is a screenshot from Drawing Space where all drawings line up fine, as it was set up in AC.

the second one is a modified arrangement, side-by-side & is not what we intended.


This one drawing is a composite of:

  • the main floor plan drawing
  • 2 Grid drawings (top & right-side) 
  • and a Notes Only drawing that hides all 3D elements & only shows 2D documentation.

the question is, how can we export this DWG so when it is opened into AutoCAD Model Space, the drawings are not arranged side-by-side, but by how it's arranged in "Paper Space".


Our team, for now, doesn't really care that these drawings get re-arranged. but the other team have specific requirements that require them to have a WYSIWYG DWG export.


Am I doing too many things to achieve a specific result?

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Marc H

Hi Gerry,

If I understand correctly, you want to export your design drawing set to DWG format. You would put the layouts into your publishing sets (not source views, which output model space). It appears the results of Image 2 may be a result of the publishing set option to ‘merge to one DWG file’ checkbox being checked, which places each drawing along side the others. 
Separately, I encourage your team to question/challenge the ‘requirement’ for drawing layout DWGs.  They are a lot of work to produce (and to store and utilize by the recipient) and very few clients need them anymore.  As you know, AEC professionals are moving along in BIM (or at least model space DWG exchange) and clients have a much easier time archiving (and viewing) PDFs. Some archival systems use TIFFs, but those are mainly in support of scanned vellums and sepias of legacy sets.  The drawing DWGs requirements were before PDFs were widely produced, but are often carried through in old contract language without much review.  It might be worthwhile to ask for added fee to produce these layout DWGs (depending on the project, phases, and purpose factors involved) or a credit if you budgeted for it, but can limit your deliverables to current industry standards.   

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