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About model and data exchange with 3rd party solutions: Revit, Solibri, dRofus, Bluebeam, structural analysis solutions, and IFC, BCF and DXF/DWG-based exchange, etc.

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11.4 GB Project STUCK

Hi everyone!We are using Bim Cloud Basic for working on a 11.4 GB project.Yesterday one of the computers crashed and now we are trying to restore the project from a snapshot on the Bim Cloud Server, but it seems to be stuck and I have no idea how lon...

Deleting a saved view in teamwork

For some reasons I am not able to delete some of the previously saved views in team work.The "X" icon at the bottom right is grey out.All of my layers are turned on, nothing is locked, I have the entire project reserved and I'm still not able to dele...

dhnguyen by Contributor
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Expression with superscript 5

Hi everyone, I have an expression to show the height of Elements in stories including the prefix -, ± and +. In one project, we encountered a problem that this expression was not showing the 5mm values as a superscript. If the true value was 2,105m i...

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agroni by Booster
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Add user to BIM CLOUD

We started a Team Project with the BIMCloud and I didn't knew that the link for the invite linke has an expiration date. Now the link is not available anymore and I want to add one more user to the project. How can this be done?

Graphic Overrides

I’m a new user of Archicad. I recently stumbled on the graphic overrides setting but it only allows me to use graphic overrides in the model space of the drawing but when I place a drawing onto a layout, it reverts away from the graphic overrides. An...

onkey89 by Newcomer
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export sections with Sketchup model?

I am looking to bring my new engineer into the BIMx world, but can't get together with him for a while. [We're about 80 miles apart.] I have a loaner iPad I will leave with him once I get to sit down and run him through the basics of navigation etc. ...