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Cadmapper 3D model into Archicad 23


I downloaded a 3Dmodel part of a map in many different formats suitable for Archicad (dxf, etc), I have tried multiple times but for some odd reason The 3D model does not open as it appears that the layers happen to be missing, Please help!MISSING LAYERSMISSING LAYERSHow all formats downloaded from Cadmapper saveHow all formats downloaded from Cadmapper save


Hi Zee,

I tend to use the skp files when using CADMapper. I then drag and drop and turn it into a morph afterwards. Otherwise when importing dxf's there should be an option to import the new layers into that project, or otherwise add the objects into the Archicad layer.

more here:
DXF-DWG Import Translator Settings - Graphisoft Community

Otherwise check your Partial Structure Display, Graphic overrides and so on. Sometimes it's all there, you just can't see it 😉