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Expressions: calculate time

Is there a way to use expressions so that if I give a date as a property (e.g. 1.1.2021) then the program could substract the current date from that given date and give the number of days between the dates as a value?

Hello KNA,

It's a great idea I have not done yet.
We are able to see that date properties are only text (system date are different) :

And there is no property values about date.

So I think you should create your own hour, day, month, year properties to be able to calculate them.
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I think you a lead would be to use the day system that excel uses,

0 = 1/0/1900 ( or 0/1/1900 in Europe)

15 = 1/15/1900


44152 is 17 Novembre 2020

You could use these value in archicad for calculation and then exports your schedule in excel and then show it as a date or a duration using DateIF formulas in excel.

You can then use import back to archicad (as another personal parameter ) if you need this values inside AC.

Graphisoft if you read me... this all lead to the same issue, give us a piece of spreadsheet functions inside the AC schedules

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I tried to use Archicad Time system, What I did works but with a little mistake on long duration.

I had to setup 9 parameters

Start Day
Start Month
Start Year

End Day
End Month
End Year

Start Date (concat the "start" values) to look make it looks like a date

Start Date (same as start date but with the "End")

Duration in days :
formula based on
(end year*365 + end month*30,4166 + end day) - (start year*365 + start month*30,4166 + Start day)

It works but because of the approximation of the month value and year you can get a few days in differences...

Am really not a programmer, i think that maybe what i did could make some real ones laugh...
but if it can help...

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