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GIS into Archicad Workflow?


hi all,

We are looking for a workflow to get GIS Data from ArcGIS, Global Mapper or QGIS into Archicad. 

Data should be geo-located, having a 3D surface (mesh-ish), contour lines, main features like streets and buildings if available and if possible a satelite photo overlay for more visual context.

Any hints or tips in what direction we could look into?


BR, Florian

AC25, BIMCloud, Windows

Speckle is not there quite yet and the AC connector is only in alpha. But I play around with LIDAR to QGIS to Rhino/GH to AC. 


For Sweden and Finland - Cetopo has a simple solution for getting what you describe directly into Archicad.

Cetopo looks interesting - thanks for the link!
Something like that would be nice having as a default feature in ArchiCAD, or as an addon with global covering, like for BricsCAD.

AC25, BIMCloud, Windows