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Hello… I have just imported IFC data in Archicad…looks good...but from the plan view it shows this new model as if it was in wireframe view…it shows all the lines of this model…but I wish to see only the counter lines…exactly like Archicad would normally show the objects etc… how can this be done?


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Try to change individual element's settings, as you like (floorplan & section visibility). Also elements homestory effects the floorplan (and story cutplane). Use find and select, for mass conversion.
Note that what you see is due to IFC transferring the true 3D model instead 2d-line graphics settings... The real wireframe lookalike.

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Thanks for reply…

Floor Plan and Section settings seems fine…home story is set correctly as well…

Yes…I understand that these are true 3d model and that’s why I don’t understand why this model is showed as a wireframe as Archicad usually shows 3d objects without any hidden lines if not set to wireframe view in 3d mode but that’s no the case…

I have enclosed an example how this model should look like and also Floor Plan and Section settings…

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Here is the Floor Plan and Section settings...

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Try checking the layer properties (there is an option to have some layers shown in wire-frame for a particular layer combination).

Worth a shot.

If you've figured it out on your own - let us know what you found...

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