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Importing DXF/DWG files into Archicad

The DXF/DWG Add-On is installed together with the Archicad package and is smoothly integrated into the Archicad user interface. It allows you to:

Open AutoCAD drawings as Archicad Project or Archicad Library Parts

File » Open
It is worth using it if you would like to work on a DWG file as a new project in Archicad.

Merge AutoCAD drawings with your Archicad Project file

File > File Special > Merge
You can merge DWG files into the currently open Archicad Project with all the existing DWG Layers. You can decide which content (Model Space or Paper Space) of the DWG file should be merged.
See also: Merge DXF-DWG in Archicad Help
TIP: Use Smart Merge (round-trip conversion) if you are merging the DXF or DWG file back into the same Archicad file from which you saved it because it can be exchanged the additional information with minimal loss and interference.
See also: Smart Merge in Archicad Help

Add AutoCAD drawings as external references (XREFs)

From the Floor Plan, Detail, or Worksheet window, use File > External Content > Attach XREF. XREFs are similar to Hotlinked Modules, except that they are DXF or DWG files and not Archicad files. It is worth using it if you would like to import the DWG as one, non-editable block into your Archicad project that can be reloaded when the DWG file has been modified. You can detach it after import and delete all Attributes of the DWG in one step.
See also: XREFs in Archicad Help

Place as Drawing to Layouts or Model Views

File > External Content > Place External Drawing
It is worth using this method if you would like to use the DWG as a reference file (like Trace), do not want to modify its content in Archicad, and would like to avoid importing unused Attributes. The Snap points of the DWG can be detected and the parameters can be picked up in the Drawing. You can customize and resize the placed DWG as a general Drawing.
TIP: If you want to edit the DWG as a Drawing element, choose Edit > Reshape > Explode into Current View and then rework the linework and text as desired. This approach has the side benefit that all the components end up on the same layer as the Drawing element, rather than adding multiple layers to your project layer list.

Opening a DWG file as Library Part

File > Libraries and Objects > Open Object
This command will open the GDL Object Editor Window. Here you can browse for any DWG files, then save them as a new object by clicking on the File » Save as... command. With this method, you can open 3D DWG files.

Import Blocks from DXF/DWG

File > Libraries and Objects > Import Blocks from DXF/DWG
The Import Blocks feature converts Archicad Library Parts from AutoCAD blocks. The newly created Library Parts are stored in the Embedded Library of the project and can be placed as any other Object.
See also: Opening DWG/DXF Files in Archicad Help

NOTE: Sometimes the location of imported DWG may differ from its original AutoCAD position if the DWG file was saved with UCS (User Coordinate System) activated. In AutoCAD UCS (User Coordinate System) or WCS (World Coordinate System) can be set as the origin. Archicad always uses the imported DWG's original WCS and places your project in the calculated distance from Archicad's project origin. If you have set UCS in AutoCAD, changing the DWG file origin back to world coords (WCS) solves the problem. As another solution the Archicad model can be moved to Project Origin in the following way: Far From Origin

Which one is the best choice to import my DWG file?

  Open Merge XREF Drawing Object
Can Attributes (Lines, Fills) be imported? Yes Yes Yes No No
Can the imported Attributes be edited? Yes, all can be edited separately Yes, all can be edited separately Yes, after Detach - -
Can the imported Attributes be incorporated? Yes, while Open they become part of the project Yes, while Merge they become part of the project Yes, after Bind Yes, use Explode command No
Can Layers be imported? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Can the imported Layers be turned On/Off? Yes No Yes, without detaching Yes No
Can the DWG be placed into Model View? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Can the DWG be placed into Layout View? Yes, the content of Paper Space(s) can be appended to the Layout Book Yes, can append Paper Space(s) to the Layout Book No Yes No
Do Translator Settings apply to import? Yes Yes Yes No No
Can the file have its own Pen Set? Yes No No No No
Can 3D data be imported? No No No No Yes

DXF-DWG Translation

How DWG data is imported by Archicad depends on the settings used in the DXF-DWG Translator; this dialog box defines how elements in Archicad will be interpreted when importing DXF/DWG files. Depending on how the Translator is opened, not all settings will be available. For example, if the dialog box is opened during an Open, Merge operation or is attached as XREF, then the Open Options will be listed, but not the Save Options, and vice-versa. If the dialog box is opened from the File > File Special menu then all options are listed. Further details about DXF-DWG Translator Import Settings

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