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Is there a tutorial for schedules and lists?

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I have struggled forever trying to use this automation. I have just upgraded to v13 and really want to use this feature. Are there any books or interactives? If so where do i find them? thanks

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I'm in the same situation.

There are a couple of decent articles on the topic on archicadwiki. I find the interactive schedules quite easy (but you cannot do any calculations with them!), while my personal opinion about lists is: anal, impossible, fucking difficult and they rarely work with me.

If you find anything, I'd be happy to hear it.


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Rudimentary Schedules are covered in the Essential ITG.
Lists, according to Graphisoft, are for "'advanced users" only.
The commands to use it aren't even available until you
modify the work environment to make them available.

Oddly, the help on Lists is called "Calculation Guide", under the help menu.

PS You won't get screen output that looks like Achille's post,
unless you read to the end of the Guide and follow instructions for a little script writing.

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Stick to the schedules, these will get almost any information out of your project. Unlike the list it is easy and just need some practice.
Start here and ask any specific question on this forum.

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yes that help me,i am also want to know where i can find tutorials for it.better is freely

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Bear in mind that "Zone Number" is a string entity rather than a number. An ASCII sort. This is apparent after playing with various filters. Looking for Zones Numbers "10000" through "70000" will return a Zone numbered "3259" since "3" is between "1" and "7".

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