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Link multiple model views to a single worksheet

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Hello and happy holydays to everyone,

I have a question regarding worksheets.

There are situations in which our collaborators require DWG files containing all plans, sections, façades and details. The problem is that since we derive this data from our 3D model, it just seems wrong to copy everything to a worksheet, loosing the link to the 3D model in the process.

Therefore, my question is: Can I link multiple plans and sections to the same worksheet so that when I save the DWG file all information will be there?

Thank you for your help

If I understand you correctly you might want to use a linked marker instead of a source marker (?)
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When I have a request for DWG base plans I simply PUBLISH the required VIEWS (not LAYOUTS) to individual DWG files using an appropriate export translator. These view can have their own layer settings, graphic overrides etc If the end user wants them in a single file they can drag them in as WBLOCKs or XRefs. If they do XRefs then when you send updated DWGs they will overwrite, (assuming you keep the same name), and their drawings will update.
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Could there be a method by which I could tile the selected views into a single DWG automatically and without using Xref?

I agree that as a rule of thumb, it is better to link components in a master file, keeping them updatable as a result. The problem is that not all collaborators have this kind of workflow and might be overwhelmed by such a file structure.

Therefore, to avoid confusion I prefer to keep all components "neatly" in a single file. So my aim would be to "collate" all drawings in a DWG file similar to the way you can collate drawings in a layout.

I don't think so, even if you merged them on a layout I seem to recall AC breaks them up and saves them as Xrefs. It is a while since I did that method so I may be wrong. It sounds like you need to be doing some of the collaborators work for them, in which case you could get a copy of Draftsight (A free autobad clone) and do the wblocking for them... Cutting & pasting onto a worksheet is an option, but it is far from automated and potentially unreliable for placement & content.
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