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Need zip of AC12 Artlantis export addons please

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Please, i need tha addon from archicad 12 to artlantis 2 render.
I mean the one, that is already preinstalled with archicad 12.
I erased it. and now i cant export, with the addon ,that abvent , gives separately in the url.
Karl Ottenstein
I've changed your subject line so that somebody will know what you want (a favor) and perhaps post a zip of the add-on. You can, of course, simply re-install ArchiCAD...

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I could , ofcourse , reinstall archicad 12 , if i had it.
Right now the original cd , is 500 km far away ( in my office) .

That's why, i am looking for the addon..
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Dekanet, don't know if you still needs this ... I spent ages hunting for the v12 plugin (without realising its preinstalled in AC12) Doh!

I tried to upload a zip but its too big - here's a link to download.
I'm a student, so hope these files work on the other versions.

AC12 Export to Artlantis 2.0 Add-on

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