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Object name issue in linking

Rick Thompson
I am having an issue with what I think is the name in the script somewhere, but I am not versed in this stuff. The object is in the AC12 library.. Basin Cabinet 12 under Sinks 12> Plumbing. There is something amiss here when I link it to a property object. The name does not show up in the field after you select the criteria. I am selecting the name, but it just want enter. The result is that everything gets tagged with this property object.. all roofs, walls, objects, etc.

As you can imagine that tends to through off the material list off with many sinks. This should teach me to try and update my library part. The old one, from 6.5 still works fine. Other objects from 12, including cabinets work fine.. just not this one. SO, anyway to know where in the object file it is missing in action?

I can select it "Individually", and it list properly, but the panel does not display the "matching property". A bug, no doubt, but I would like to fix it myself as I am rebuilding my template file.


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Rick Thompson
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