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Office template - Object Library defaults to a fill and line type that I dont want


Hi All,


Ive had a quick look on the forums (pls point me to similar ones if they exist).


I am working on our AC25 office template, if we are changing our pen attributes and our line types, the object library will refer to the ID of the original Archicad values which is not what I would like.


What is the methodology that you would employ to ensure when you create a library object, stair, rail etc they know which attribute to start from?


Kim Ong

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Barry Kelly

If you are creating your own office template, then you are better off to try keeping the default pen colours, line styles, fills, etc., if you are going to be using the default Graphisoft library objects.


Otherwise you will find you have to set these every time you place an object - or you must set up a lot of favourites to use the colours, lines, etc., that you want.


You should find only a certain number of pens are used - the rest you can customise to what you want (don't ask me which ones as I don't use the default library).

Lines, fills, composites, etc., (attributes) you will want to keep as they are, but you can add your own to your template.




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Thanks Barry,


I think I've kept the pens to some of the standard but some library objects refer to ones that are a pain. My preference is to live with the few that are critical like background fills and object pens. Localisations are a pain because i never found a use for 80% of their setups. I will create some favourites as you have advised, but wont be amending the library objects gdl scripting with their pen/fill ID values. There should be a system wide macro in the settings for default pens that library objects read up.





AC25+earlier - Monterey 12.2.1 - 2021 Macbook Pro16 / M1 Max / 32GB