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Position relative to North - Windows and doors

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Is it possible to schedule the position of windows and doors relative to North?

I.e. depending upon the plane of the walls that the windows/doors sit on, the schedule will report back the angle to North.

E.g. If the front elevation was facing North, Side Elevations East and West and rear Elevation South, the windows on the North elevation would have a reading of 0, east 90, South 180 and West 270.
Miha Nahtigal
I was trying to implement the same too (schedule window orientation and area).

Didn't work out with schedules, but managed to implement it with lists and custom property object.
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Thanks for your reply.

I'm new to schedules etc. What's the difference with a list? If there's not a parameter, can one be created?

The Energy Evaluation tool seems to know window orientation so it does seem like we should be able to schedule it. I have been creating a custom property too.

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