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Problem with slab color in twinmotion




I am new using twinmotion and I have an issue with the slab material. I have imported my model from Archicad and I have applied a white material as I want it to look in the render. For some reason in twinmotion the ceiling looks light brown whereas in Archicad it's white (look attached pictures). I have tried adding lighting to see if that was the problem, but it didn't change anything. I also tried different slab settings in Archicad to see if it changed anything, but with no luck. If you have any idea how to fix this I would appreciate any help!



Image2_000.pngCapture.JPGCapture 2.JPG
Emre Senoglu

This is a known 'result' of the raster engine being used in TM. If you have the chance to use pathtracing, you will find that the problem will be solved. If you dont have pathtracing enabled hardware, you can try this: create a new ceiling material in Archicad and set it to pure white. In TM, select this material and give it the lowest glow setting you can. Adjust the glow color to match the walls. This should somehow fix the issue.

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