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!Restored: Door Schedule problems

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I have set up a layout of an office building I am working on, however, when I create my door schedule, under "panel thickness", on the surface it is showing a measurement of 1 1/2" despite the parameters of the doors being set to 1 3/4".

Further, in the door schedule, when I click on the 1 1/2" to try and alter it, it then shows the 1 3/4" measurement, which is correct. However, as soon as I click off of it, say onto the next door listed, the measurement reverts back to the 1 1/2"!

I have used this door schedule for a number of projects and have never had a problem with it until now. I have all of the project preferences set to the exact parameters as in other projects, and yet I still can't get the "panel thickness" measurement in the door schedule to read as it does in the parameters for the door.
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I am having the exact same problem. Did you ever get this problem figured out? Please let me know. Thanks.


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