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Schedule list + type.

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Our window (and door) schedules always follow this format:

1. List of window types on project (including dimensions), e.g.
Window Type 1: Reversible Sash: 1700mm high x 1350mm wide
Window Type 2: Reversible Sash: 1700mm high x 910mm wide

(This takes the form of a drawing showing an elevation of each window type)

2. List of windows on the project, e.g.
Window #1 = Type 1, clear glazed
Window #2 = Type 1, obscure glazed
Window #3 = Type 2, clear glazed, emergency escape window
Window #4 = Type 1, clear glazed

(This in spreadsheet format, using Excel, or similar. Additional 'fields' like 'glazing' allow for variations, without having to add a new window 'type' for every small variation.)

Obviously, the windows are numbered as above on the GA drawings, and Eric Bobrow's tutorial has been very useful in this respect.

The purpose of the first list is as a quantities take-off, for ordering and manufacturing purposes.

The second list tells the contractor which window goes where. It has the virtue that a window type can be changed in the schedule without affecting the reference on the plan, and the change does not necessitate a revised plan (unless the width is altered) because the window reference on the plan remains the same (e.g. Window #1).

Is it possible to create this kind of schedule using Archicad? Can I link the numbered windows to a shedule of 'types', or would I be wasting my time trying?

Karl Ottenstein
Hi Keith,

Yes, this is pretty easy but not automatic. Obviously two separate schedules/schemes for each of your schedules. Then, use the ID field for your Window # for that schedule (and labels in plan/elevation) ... and use one of the User Defined fields to store the Type value.

Because you cannot automatically assign the Type value (number/name) to the windows, create another 'working' schedule for you to maintain the Type values. Note that lines in a schedule are sorted in the order in which fields appear. Because you want the Type as the first column in your 'real' schedule - that won't help in finding mistaken type assignments.

So, your 'working' schedule would have the library part name (perhaps - or other appropriate field) first, then your dimensions and then your (user defined) Type field so that similar windows will be grouped next to each other. Type in your 'type' ("reversible sash") in the 'user defined' field as needed. Rebuild the schedule from time to time to check for typos which would prevent identical entries from being merged to give you your unique type list.

In some cases, you may best know the 'type' of a window based on its location - as you might use the same library part for different types. In that case, it may be easiest to select the window in plan or 3D and edit the chosen User Defined field there.

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Thanks Karl,

I'll give it a go, and get back to you if I have any queries.

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Success! I'm so pleased that this worked.

One query, however. I entered window type = 'reversible sash' in the User-defined parameter of the window, as per your suggestion.

But how to get it to appear in the schedule? I can't see the User Defined fields among the list of selectable parameters.

- Keith

David Maudlin

Under Scheme Settings > Fields, click the Additional Parameters button to navigate to one of the windows you are using to add the window's User Defined parameter(s) to your schedule.

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Got it! Thanks, David.

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