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Scheduling Fills from Sections / Elevations / IE's

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Hi there,

I can't seem to get fills I'm using in elevations, sections and Interior Elevation's to schedule.
Is this the case or is there something else to it?

I use fills to calculate the areas of walls or more specifically to calculate tiled areas, as maybe only certain parts or areas of the wall are tiled.

hence any thoughts on the scheduling or other innovative ways this could be achieved?

Many thanks.

Barry Kelly
Schedules will only pick up what can be seen in plan view - not sections, elevations, layouts, details, etc.
The only way to schedule them is to copy them from your elevation and paste them in plan - on a special "fill" storey if you like.

As the fills on your elevation will not be live (linked to the elevation if you change it) you will not be disadvantaged by having the fills in the plan as they won't be linked to the elevation there either.
the trick is to save copy and paste whenever you change an elevation is to use the elevation as a trace reference in the plan and adjust the fill directly as you would have if it was in the elevation itself.

The other way would be to actually model your tiles with 3D walls and then you could schedule the surface area of those.

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This is another ArchiCAD deficiency.

This defeats one of the very reasons you would want to use a Schedule or ArchiCAD for that matter. For the reason of areas of materials takeoffs on LIVE elevations of interiors in 3D! The tiles should move with say the location of a door that has been moved without having to change a second wall that the tiles maybe on in the model.

You have to do a work around and place an identical fill in a PLAN. Who wants to keep track of that?

No one wants to do full height tiles to their walls from ceiling to floor using FILL>SURFACE>BUILDING MATERIAL>COMPOSITE WALL.........

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So I have looked into this further. It is possible to create another wall to represent the tiles and schedule the Net Surface Area of the Outside Face for the area to a schedule. This isn't ideal and it should be part of the first wall and not a second wall.

In effect it is a doubling up of walls in the room with the tile wall to represent the finish. Just looking for a answer on how to align the tile grid to a corner now.

If you move a door that the tiles are on then you have to edit the tile wall/finish sitting over the original room wall that the door is inserted on

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