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Tabulating Floor Sq Ft. from Zones or Fills

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I am looking to Automate my Square Footage take-offs that are listed on the plan.

I have figured out a way to show the Zone area in a Table (by dragging the Zone Text into the pre-defined table), but this does not give an Automated Total.

What are others doing to "report" Living Area square footages?
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Excellent info. and detail!

Thank you for the effort. I really appreciate it

Thanks Greg.

By the way, where/how are the numbers in the schedule right justified?
I have not yet placed the Schedule on the plan, is this where the number column can be right justified?
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Good info on the schedule Jay. I wanted ask what kind of standards firms are using for labeling SF. I haven't come across a specific section of the CBC or IBC/IRC that states how it is to be tallied. We have always followed the ANSI Z765-2003 (was-1997) standard for SF calculations. This is a voluntary standard and if nothing else gave us some kind published means to adopt. We've had differences of opinion vs. many Building Depts. I think that some of it just becomes an issue of tax dollars being lost. Just wondering how everyone else counts it.
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Here is a try I did of this a few months ago, my only issue is that I cannot get items to show as one, and I cannot exclude some areas from some calculations and include it in others, like the lowest diagram. Of course the schedule was made in ver9. And I havent bothered to work it in 10, just because 9 didn't do it and the scheduler still looks the same.

Any pointers?
area chart.jpg

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