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Using property manager for interactive zone scheduling

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Hi guys,

Firstly a caveat: I am new to the property manager so please go easy if I am missing some obvious things.
I am creating a series of house and apartment type options. Each housetype is classified with a different zone number e.g. 25 and each room type is classified under a different zone category (e.g. total bedroom area).

This has been managed in the schedules pretty well so far, but new layers of complexity are being added as the project (a housetype study) progresses.

How, for example, can I create a bedroom occupancy property with an integer output something like below?

IF (Zone Category = Total Bedroom Area) AND (Measured Area > 9m2) THEN Occupancy = 2

Similarly, IF (Zone Category = Total Bedroom Area) AND (Measured Area < 9m2) THEN Occupancy = 1

Screenshot shows my attempt in the property manager....

The idea is that as long as we assign bedrooms to the correct zone category then, the occupancy per bedroom will be automatically generated in a schedule and thus (because of the zone number per housetype) the total number of people per housetype will be possible to schedule.

Then I would like to be able to add up these occupancy integers to a total occupancy per unit.

Something like,
SUM "Occupancy" per Zone Number and the output of that would be [INTEGER]-Person e.g. 5-Person in HouseType 25 or 3-person in HouseType 12.

Can you offer me guidance on setting up something like this?

Thank you very much and let me know if I can provide clearer information,
The error that I see here - TOTAL BEDROOM AREA must have "" quotes. In programming text (or string) always must have "quotes", otherwise program will treat it as name of variable.
So it must be:

Zone Category = "TOTAL BEDROOM AREA"
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