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Window+door schemes with walls in 2D symbol

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Hi everybody,

I am facing a problem when trying to generate door schedule with wall in 2D symbol. Is there any option to add a penetrated wall on a certain distance on each side of the frame? I guess that is pretty useful feature which i cannot find.

Also regarding 2D views-i cannot make them in lines only. How is it possible to hide background fills from 2D views?

Thank you for your help!
Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin
Which version are you using? The answer could depend on your version. You might want to enter these data into your Signature.

So, I suppose you are talking about the automatically generated 2D Previews of Doors/Windows in Schedule Cells. The answer is No, enclosing Walls cannot be generated as part of these preview, you will have to open the given Schedule Cell by clicking the Annotate button in its top left corner, and draw the Wall 2D using Lines and Fills.

Prior to AC20, the Background of Fills are controlled by Model View Options (set Fill Override for Cover Fills to "No Fill" or Override Fill Background Colors to "Transparent Background") or from AC20 Fills in Schedule Cells can be hidden by defining and applying Graphic Overrides.
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Thank you so much for your replay laszlonagy. Overrides did the job.

That is exactly what i had in mind. A complete list of doors and windows schemes with wall closures and reveal are sometimes a must in project documentation. I don't know how often others needs it as well, but we do it on a regular bases. Working on it manually takes quite some time and i was sure Archicad has automated it by now. I guess it would be a great feature to include that function in upcoming versions.

Would anybody else found it useful as well? What do you guys think of that?