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cadimagetools key notes add-on crashing AC12 teamwork

hello everyone,

one of our clients has AC12 crash whenever they try to sign into a teamworked file (PLP) which uses cadimage tools key notes add-on.

they have reported this to cadimage and apparently there seems to be a bug in the AC12 API which causes the crash upon sign-in, GS has confirmed this. apparently, the bug will be resolved in the next hotfix...

so if you rely on key notes, unfortunately for the time being the only way to avoid this problem seems to not teamwork your files.

i suppose we are just letting everyone know while wondering if anyone else using key notes has the same problem since we could not discover any posts on this forum.

btw. our clients are on PCs, running VISTA and AC12 2420 AUS.

any feedback welcome.

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The issue that schagemann’s client is experiencing has come about due to several factors, those being Teamwork, KeyNotes, and the upgrade of the file from version 11 to 12, so any file that does not fit all 3 of these conditions is safe.
At this stage, we at CadimageTools are unable to fix it as the source of problem is in ArchiCAD itself, rather than our tools. We are currently working on resolving this issue with Graphisoft, but we think that it is highly unlikely that anyone else will encounter the same error.
We have not had any other reports of this or similar issues, so if anyone else has encountered the same problem, or if you have any questions, please contact us at