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door bubbles in plan vs. door schedule

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Has anyone else had a problem with doors identifying fine in plan, bubble reads exactly correct, i.e. 106A, but the same door in the door schedule reads 105A?

I have a bunch of doors that will not report correctly in the schedule. Bubble in plan is picking up the Zone number so Room# and Door# match up, but not so in schedule.

Just curious. I've come up with a very manual workaround but don't understand the disconnect. Thanks,

ArchiCAD 22
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There are two properties for door. From and To I'm guessing that you are using different values in sheadule.
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kzaremba -- The Door Schedule is using "Related Zone Number" to id the Room Number and the Element ID to pick up which door in a room, and "Related Zone Name" to pick up the room name.

The door bubble or marker in plan is picking up the correct Zone Number based on where the marker is placed. Some, not all, doors in schedule have a different number than the same door in plan.

Example; Womens room door picked up the correct zone number 114A and displays fine in plan. Same door in schedule is showing 105A Hall. Flipping the marker puts the bubble in the Hall, then displays 105A in plan and schedule. And I have a bunch of these.

Simply cannot find anything consistent to solve issue. Some doors are fine in plan and schedule. A lot are not.
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Check parameter ‘Door belongs to zone it open into’, also flipped status of the door can affect zone ownership

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