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property expression: show the ID belong to "from zone nr"-zone in door property....

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Hello to everybody ,

I need a property expression, which will show the element-ID of the zone, which belongs to the door via "from zone number"-property.

I need the element-ID for matching the doors and zones in an existing FM-system-database... - so I have to get the ID and not the zone-number for door propertys "from-zone-number" and "to-zone-number".

If anybody of you have an idea, how to realise this challenge - PLEASE let me know...

...if you have a better solution than using 'property expressions' - I am open minded to any method, which can grab the expected values...

I really hope you can help me,

Best regards from Vienna,
Not applicable 'simple' SQL it would be something like:
SELECT 'element_id' FROM [zones] WHERE 'zone-number' = 'gs_zoneinside-number'
I hope this will describe a little better, what I need than my statement above ...

Best regards from rainy Vienna ,
There is a "Zone To" property

Hope that helps
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