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revit 2010 and autocad 2010

Hello everyone:

someone had to create this topic

here are some links to see what's new in the conccurent products:

autocad 2010:

(download the preview guide)

revit 2010:

on thing is sure, they've done a good job...i'm sure GS will too.

In revit, the panneling tool feature seems intresting ...parametric rules

[edit] i've created this topic then deleted it but it seems always available trough google searching , so ..i repost it...
with a little update: have a look at the autodesk press release especially the video presentation ( the second one )....
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WOW, i'm impressed. I really like the new freeform modeling tools. Since Autocad is always one release ahead of Revit, I assume Revit is getting subdivision surface modeling tools in the next release too.

This is great news Archicad. We are probably getting something similar this next release. After all, Archicad was the first with the advanced curtain wall tool.

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Ha ha ha! Revit 2010 already!!!! We are barely into 2009! Why not call it 3010 or something really futuristic!

Anyway, I wouldn't form all your opinions from the reviews of an Autodesk marketing manager, and a Revit salesman! What else are they going to say? I'll be more interested to hear the views of real users once it's released in a month or so.

blobmeister wrote:
This is great news Archicad. We are probably getting something similar this next release. After all, Archicad was the first with the advanced curtain wall tool. in the world do you figure that?

Revit 2009 got a brand spanking new Mental Ray renderer along with free-form modeling tools like the Sweptblend tool, and we're still stuck with Lightworks v0.25 and Nudge. The Curtain Wall in AC is great, but let's be frank, it's nowhere near what the new CurtainWall (or even the existing one) in Revit2010 or the subdivision Freeform modelling tools in AutoCAD, AUTOCAD 2010, can and will be able to do.

How is that keeping pace, or even competing?

....the great hilarity of it all is that in that same blog (the Revit3D blog) that was referenced to in this thread, if you scroll a bit further down, there's a poster who makes a kind of mocking warning to anyone considering switching to ArchiCAD by referencing this very Talk Forum and quoting some poor AC user lamenting the fact that ArchiCAD user wishes always seem to end up appearing in the next version of Revit rather than in any version of ArchiCAD.

How true. How so very true. And sad too.

He also makes some pointed, and clearly accurate observations of GSHQ's attitude (or apparent lack of thereof) in this perpetual slide they seem to have engineered themselves into.

I had to agree here... Graphisoft continues to not develop Archicad has it supposed to be, and Autodesk, with all their's downsides, continue to develop greatly Revit.

Has so, I've used Archicad in the past, but not anymore, because it simply is to stick in the GDL objects, and so very limited compared with revit.

Course Revit has downsides, and Archicad has very good features, but I can live better without Archicad best features than without Revit freedom to model and to develop my designs.

It's sad, because I'm a MAC user and preferred Archicad, because AUtodesk doesn't have Revit for MAC, but even so I continue to believe more in Autodesk capabilities to develop Revit, than Graphisoft to develop Archicad. Archicad is losing badly for the competitors, and doesn't give any sign to change it...

Now I'm a much more happier BIM user with Revit.
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Rakela Raul
hold on guys, i just want the us lib fixd, relax

Seriously, looks nice and I feel some kind of envy and exploring desires again
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there's a lot more information here on Revit Architecture 2010

it's almost a complete redesign, new UI, new conceptual design features, the poster's right, sketchup users & 3dsmax users for schematics are going to have a hard time coming up with reasons not to switch.

i love both archicad & revit, but archicad has to keep up with other BIM products!

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Hmmm... spline and sketch up like freeform modelling, built in Mental Ray renderer, certainly very compelling.
I doubt if Archicad will be able to match this in next release until the base code is chaged so should/will probably focus on workflow, teamwork and production. 95% of projects can still be done well in Archicad

Rakela Raul
95% of projects can still be done well in Archicad
it sounds like we need freedom modeling tools for 5% of the architectural projects ?

I would like to believe that.....i had in mind 1%
MACBKPro /32GiG / 240SSD
AC V6 to V18 - RVT V11 to V16

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What are ArchiCad missing? There are one (or maybe two) things we need, a doubleslanted wall / roof, then you could do alot of the 'freeforms' we are using in the real world today. Why have the ability to create things that you couldn't built in reality in a BIM software??? Then you should use a 3d modelling tool, not a BIM software.
I would say that you could easily modell about 99.5% , if you know how ArchiCad works, of the buildings we are build in Sweden with ArchiCad standard tools, so the freemodelingtool, is that really that important?

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