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Archicad File Loading Issue


Hi, I am having some trouble with an Archicad File. I clicked on the exterior views in my view map, and it started loading, with a message that reads "Generating 3D document,  calculating split polygons". This message remained loading for at least 15 minutes before I decided to close the program altogether. I restarted my computer and reopened the recovered file, still it came up with the message that said Generating 3d document calculating split polygons. I also tried opening the bpn and the same was still the case. Any ideas?  


Barry Kelly

Start Archicad without opening the file.

Then go through the FILE > OPEN menu to manually search for the file.

Use the 'Open & Repair' option to see if that has any effect.

Might be bad objects in 3D.

It might not do anything, but is worth a try.





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Excellent, that seemed to work. Thanks!

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