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BIMRithm Object libraries

so i used to offer all my objects for free. I still do mostly. but for anyone who has the links to my libraries, email or pm me as i will not allow the download otherwise.

I say this as i have had several requests the last couple of weeks. and just want to talk to and explain the objects before they are downloaded.




I have a bunch of stuff almost ready/ ready.


I want to offer a logically usable free version.

but also have a paid upgrade. and maybe release 4 to 6 updates a year?  what do people want to see?

I have a much more intricate wall framing accessory object than what Archicad goodies provide, which includes baseboard, casing sheetrock and or sheathing.

Windows and doors that do what they are supposed to do.

Im writing a new cabinet object and kitchen object. much like archicads but really more user friendly and cabinet specific. ( i have been meeting with subcontractors in my area to get the low down on the how and what to try to generate a more logical object to the area or actual field.


I want to help everyone but i still want to find a way to buy some beers at the same time lol


currently I only have these objects in English.


feedback is welcomed.

i have a wall cladding object that will if it doesn't already do what you can get from CI

I have a new truss object, ICF forms accessory object, rebar wall and slab and roof accessory object.


all of which i either have a schedule exporting data for quantities or am almost done with.

Mathias Jonathan

It seems really interessant, keep the good work!

I personnaly don't want to integrate "closed code" GDL objects in my daily work.

Everytime I did, I  regretted it.

So maybe I could have an option where some of the code is unlocked? Or different levels pending on how deep you want to go? 

The free version would be fully locked but if someone is paying I'm down to figure out a way to keep things open.

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