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Furniture Library

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I work for Australian furniture manufacturer and have built a 3D library in Revitt and am now doing an Archicad version although I have no experience with Archicad. I have commissioned 3 designers to build 5 basic objects in hope that I can work out who is most suitable to build the library (over 200 products).
The brief was to build in Archicad, make them light and easy to add colours finishes. If anyone has 5 minutes please have a look at these and let me know if you think A,B or C is better.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Regards Stephen

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stephenr wrote:
let me know if you think A,B or C is better.
I'm not sure what I suppose to comment. Model itself or library part.
Provided models B, C are just models done with morph tool. So it's not library Part. In terms of modeling, they seem ok. Besides chair which in those cases is horrible.

Case A has some library Part attempt. But parameters are weird and in Russian. Also, note its mostly covered lib part not written and GDL script. Chair seems bit better here.

And now to the point. If you want to make such a big lib part I would suggest hiring someone with GDL scripting experience. Both for better user experience but also management possibilities for you to update the library.

A good example of the library is Velux Lib where you have one object for most of the products with a clear interface to set it up.

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When creating library objects, try to meet the following requiremen:

1. The ability to edit the 2d symbol:
a). The color of the pen;
b). Hatching pen color;
c). Color pen background.

2. If the object has the ability to display the built-in label, the ability to edit the font, the height of the letters. and the location on the plan.

3. In addition to the laid coatings of the manufacturer, must be able to use its own coatings alternatively.

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Thank you Kzaremba. I was initially just looking for comments on model itself. They are to be used by interior designers using Archicad. I wanted to make sure colours and finishes could be applied easily and to make sure they are not just converts from Revit.

Designer C is local (and a fair bit more expensive) and could easily create library and educate me about Archicad. I am aware his chair was not very good. I think I should get him to manage this project, build simple objects and create library and get the Designer A (Russian) to create the harder ones like chair to pass on to him to put into library.

I really appreciate the time you have taken to look at these.

Thank you!

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Thank you Tissot, your comments are greatly appreciated and will make sure this is used as part of brief for designer when creating library objects.

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stephenr wrote:
Always happy to help. Just remember that library in AC is something more than a bunch of 3Dmodels. There is plenty of such libraries that nobody uses because there are inefficient and usually not optimised. The good library uses parametric capabilities of GDLs and works more efficient.

Since you probably change your products from time to time it's always good to implement updating features into the library so you can update some information.

So I would suggest to have it in mind if you want to have the library that is used by designers not only is there on the website to download

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I would contact Kristian Bursell to have libraries prepared, he prepared Caroma/Dorf/Stylus libraries which are excellent


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