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Graphical tool to easily create and edit parametric components of library objects

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ARCHICAD needs a graphical tool to easily create and edit parametric components of library objects and assemblies from them, without having to learn GDL.
Does anyone know if GRAPHISOFT is working in this direction?

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There was an interesting tool called Library Part Maker. It wasn't fully parametric but gave some structured workflow for creating objects.

Here some info:

But it seems not available anymore.

Eduardo Rolon
It should be still available, at a minimum for USA and UK. It is at version 2 right now.

Get in touch with your reseller.
eduardo rolón AIA NCARB
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With great difficulty, but I managed to find the page where it is hidden from GRAPHISOFT. If anyone needs, I leave the link:,5ZU0L,PAJNBQ,NHS4Y,1

Library Part Maker 22 INT (Build 4028)
Compatible with ARCHICAD 22 Language Versions: UKI
Tests for other ARCHICAD 22 Language Versions coming soon: USA, HUN, SPA

The ideas laid down in ADD-on are interesting. But I would like to see this tool not as an application, but as a standard ARCHICAD tool. I would like any parameter for 3D to be set as easily as for 2D in the profile Manager using modifiers.

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TISSOT_1853 wrote:
I leave the link
Thx a lot.

It seems that its solution for only for certain markets. Add-on is also fine, especially that in this case you have quite a clear interface.

Anyway, it seems to be a good way to organise custom libraries.

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REVIT comes first in comparison to ARCHICAD in that it can intuitively just create parametric objects without knowing the programming language. If GRAPHISOFT is able to develop such a tool, and taking into account all its other advantages, ARCHICAD will regain its leading position again. I think that many users will agree with me.

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TISSOT_1853 wrote:
many users will agree with me
Count me In there are a lot of topics about it on the forum. But for now not much had changed, unfortunately.

Szabolcs Miko
At least parametric profiles is a start to have parametricity for some basic elements:

Szabolcs Mikó

Manager, Global Education

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