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Merging libraries and adding objects

Every time there is an upgrade in AC from one level to the next (eg. AC21 to AC22) there is also an upgrade to the library. The unfortunate part is that not all of the library objects in, say AC21, are not in AC22 library. The result is that there are "migration" libraries. Sounds good but sometimes when the new library is created not all of the names of the objects stay the same. The result of that is missing objects when opening designs from older versions. I also have the issue that occurs when updating the PCs where the downloaded object from BIM Object or imported from other 3D CAD programs need to be moved to a different folder or even drive again resulting in objects that are missing. I was wondering if AC has a method inwhich two or more libraries can be merged into a single library. Is there a method to save an imported object into the existing AC library? Or does the user have to open and expand the current library (and all other libraries/objects) first and then reassemble them into one library?
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Hello DrWho,

There are updates about each Archicad version during 2 or 3 years to be able to begin and finish your project with the same Archicad and the same library.
You have to export your embded library to keep all your own objects then you can add it to your new Archicad project. You can export an archicad library object to save it alone like a custom object.
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Thanks Christophe:
Unfortunately for me that will mean a lot of work keeping things straight. I guess for now I will do it the hard way. Again thanks for the insight.
AC24, US., 64 Bit

Your default AC objects are not migrating properly between versions? The only time I have needed to use a Migration Library was in AC21 for the old stair and rail objects.

Your second issue is regarding folder mapping? You should only need to remap the folders a single time... In the case of multiple users, just ensure that your drive allocations are all the same.

And with multiple extra libraries, you could put them in a common folder then just load the folder itself. You do not have to use lcf files...
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