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Need a GDL Golf cart

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Hello everyone, hope all is good!

Am in need of a 2 seater (small) Golf cart.



Karl Ottenstein
Just Google to find one in a 3D format and import it. Highly likely that you can find a SketchUp model - File > Interoperability > Merge will create an object for you... Subsequently converting the object to morphs will let you customize it as needed. Ditto, 3DS, etc.

Here is a search of the 3D Warehouse:
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Thank you Karl!

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Just tried opening a skp file of a golf cart, AC 20
can't read it. Version problem.
No time for this Rabbit hole right now - will try again later.
Don't get me wrong on this because "I LOVE ARCHICAD" period.
Am using 20 own 21 and will buy 22 next month.
Archiplus subscriber for a very long time.
The team should be constantly updating our gdl libraries.
Just saying...

Best to all,

Karl Ottenstein
You probably downloaded the golf card in SketchUp 2018 format. From the 3D Warehouse, when you download, you can choose what version of SketchUp. Choose the oldest version offered. I had no problem getting a golf cart object that way.

Graphisoft cannot possibly anticipate what users need for their own libraries - which is why they have tried to make it relatively easy to bring in any 3D object from somewhere else. To be honest, yours is the first request for a golf cart that I can recall in 20 years, so it seems way better to have the tools, as we do, to import or create what we need rather than wait (perhaps forever) for Graphisoft to create such a thing. 😉

That said... it is kind of time consuming as the models from random people on 3D Warehouse are of varying (often bad) quality. Just did one that had such a high poly count, it just dragged AC to a crawl... 😞
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Karl Ottenstein
Here's one of those 2 seaters - both the downloaded SKP and converted to a GDL object...
One of the forum moderators   •   AC 25 USA and earlier   •   MacOS 11.6.2, iMac Pro

Thanks - I needed a golf cart and found this post. Much appreciated.
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I know it is often necessary but bringing in dumb 3D objects to Archicad sacrifices so much of Archicad's potential with regards to more intelligent and responsive geometry.

You should try using Param-o, so easy and so much fun. Create an actual GDL object without coding and then you will have something that you can evolve with your needs, and to which you can apply resolution controls and specific 2D representations, and individual materials for different components, and any parameter you want to schedule that's automatically populated.

I also have a solution that is for creating catalogues of components using intelligent GDL functions so you can access many different elements via a single object, so you don't have to keep storing dumb geometries downloaded from the web. The solution is called "Infinite Anything", which, if you know my other tools such as "Infinite Openings" and "Infinite Joinery" you will appreciate the humour in the name... kinda means "double infinity". You can check it out here:
Its not available on the website yet because I haven't had time to polish the UI
Creator of Cadswift's parametric GDL libraries
Creator of Infinite Openings and Component Catalogues
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