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Parametric objects


I was finally able to download the rfa files I wanted from the vendor I got them from, but when I performed the download I got the following note: imported library part will NOT be parametric. My question is, does this note ALWAYS pop up when you import an rfa as a gdl object, When I viewed an Archicad youtube video about the same task the same note popped up saying the imported library part would not be parametric but they continued as if the procedure was successfully completed and proceeded to edit the parameters of the object - which I could NOT when I placed the downloaded object into my project. Also, I can't seem to figure out how to avoid saving the rfa to the Embedded Library, I want it to go into the object folder in the Archicad Library but it won't give me the option.


You will not get parametric options with imported objects The only way to have parametric options are using the paramo tool or coding in GDL yourself.

It's likely that you need to just export the objects from the embedded library to get them into a folder to use another projects.

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