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Railing question


How hard does it have to be...? I can't get it right. 2021-12-03_17-05-25.jpg

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So the pattern consists of balusters and not posts, right?


For equal distribution you can only set max distance between (100 in example), not min distance. The distance from the corner is set by Baluster Pattern Left/right Offset (50 in the example). The pattern starts with a gap so the actual distance is equidistance + offset (150 in example).


If you instead distribute with a fixed distance the distance to corner will be offset + fixed distance + (leftover / 2).






I did it with inner posts. Max dist is not interesting. i need min distande to ensure babies won't fall out... 100 mm min free width. So I need to place the corner posts exacly and the spread the inner posts equally. This one feels easier doing the sketchup way...

AC 24 SWE Full
HPZbook 32GB i7 7820HQ 2,9 GHz
Quadro M2200 2GB

If it’s for child safety regulation - then its max 100 free width.


The actual free width depends on the profile and the segment length but given a normalsquare/round profile zero offset and max 100 should be OK for models and most drawings in combination with text spec. If you want exactness or have a more elaborate baluster you will have to calculate offset and spacing with regards to profile width and actual segment length.



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